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Energy company partners with G S Consultancy to nurture leadership talent.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

As one of the UK's leading energy companies, you need exceptional leaders who can help the business achieve its aims. G S Consultancy (GSC) is working with the team to provide specific expertise to nurture, mentor and train the organisation's talent.

Leadership courses included class-room based learning, with development of new skills and techniques and practical experience to transform the business's performance. Results show improvement in safety and output as well as a significant reduction in losses.

Key to the success of the programme was the inclusion of 360 degree assessments delivered by GSC so that aspiring leaders could appreciate their strengths and weaknesses through feedback from colleagues, direct reports and managers as well as via self-assessment.

GSC also designed and developed a competency guidebook that brings together the outcomes, behaviours and knowledge required to help managers develop their competence against the company's own internal behavioural statements used in the 360 degree manager skill's evaluation exercise.

The guidebook gives employees the opportunity to spend time thinking about their own leadership skills and review behavioural statements. This has proved particularly helpful where their own perceptions and those of their evaluators are markedly different. Individuals can look at how linked competences could support their wider development and each of the units is broken down into skills, knowledge and behaviour and expected outcomes - what they may be able to do better.

GSC mapped the company's competencies across to linked units of the Management Standard Centre National Occupational Standards. These were developed as a result of research carried out with managers, employers and other stakeholders and is based on extensive and recent research.

"We really enjoy working with GSC because they listen very carefully to what our issues are and what we want to achieve," said a spokesman. "GSC knows our industry well and so understand our business. That means whatever they deliver is fit for purpose and very effective. We've made huge progress with our leadership development and GSC has played an important part in that."

The company is now turning its attention to the leaders of tomorrow; those that will be taking the business forward in 20, 30 and 40 years time. With a focus on safe, reliable energy generation, the company is looking at the support it will need to give individuals so they can become high-performing leaders in the energy generation industry of the future. GSC is working closely with the organisation to help the company to deliver its programmes.

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