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Team Building Event for Risk and Compliance Division

85 members of the Risk and Compliance Department attended a one-day outdoor team building event. This fun but challenging event was designed to promote the ethos of working in collaboration across the different teams and was the first of its kind in terms of bringing everyone together.

The Risk Division within Paragon Banking has grown significantly over recent years and is an important part of their business and comprises of several specialists’ teams, who have highly skilled specialised people. The main aim was to build a confident, focused and supportive team through practical tasks and low scale exercises hi-lighting how important it is to work together to achieve an overall goal. 

Ben Whibley, Director of the Division said following the success of the event:-

“We used G S consultancy to help co-ordinate and host a large team event. The team from GS were well prepared, motivated and helped organise a great day that catered to a real range of individuals in terms of seniority and physical capability. The balance between enjoyment and learning was spot on, and I’ve never had such positive feedback on an event as this one. Thanks!”

There are plans for more of these events and G S Consultancy’s Team are looking forward to working with Paragon again in the near future.

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