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Managing Your Time In A Virtual World

As the world adapts to new ‘normal’ we find ourselves having to utilise new skills and tools to support us in our daily activities. Managing your time effectively whilst juggling home priorities can be challenging but with some simple tools to help you, you can find the best way of work to suit your style, preferences, and deadlines.

Course Overview

This two-hour workshop will equip you with a variety of tools and methods to become an effective and well organised home worker whilst adapting to new virtual working methods. A practical workshop with real-life scenarios that are simple to implement in your new home-working world.

Explore the challenges you regularly face with home working and virtual working methods

Identify what new working methods you are adapting to and how these could work more effectively 

Identify how you currently spend your working time and how you separate this from ‘home-time’

Explore prioritisation skills

Assess your working space to see how this can support you in being an effective worker

Practise several simple methods to plan your workload

Self-assess your capability in a variety of homeworking tools, technologies, and communication methods to create yourself an action plan to support you after the workshop

Managing People Virtually

Whether you are a Line Manager or a Project Manager, you are responsible for supporting others to achieve their objectives as well as your own. But how do you do that when you are not with them face to face? You are having to utilise new working practises to ensure you can support, motivate, and develop your people.

Course Overview

This workshop will explore how the Management methods you are already using can be utilised in a virtual world. From Managing absence to motivating underperformance. This workshop will give you a new lens on management on how to support you and your people in challenging times when working remotely from one another.

Explore the differences in managing face to face versus virtual management

List what type of virtual Manager you want to be

Identify what processes and procedures you are expected to deliver as a Manager, using a new delivery method

Explore the soft skills required in managing virtually

Discuss how you have adapted so far and what is and is not working well

Create an action plan to support you in your new methods

Explore how to successfully performance manage your people in a virtual world including feedback, motivation, one to ones and underperformance

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