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GSC is flying high with Bristol Airport.

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

With almost nine million people now flying from Bristol Airport every year and flights to more than 120 different destinations, it's a thriving business.

In terms of size, Bristol Airport is North Somerset's largest workplace with nearly 4,000 people employed by 52 different organisations from commercial airlines to Government agencies, such as Border Force.

The airport itself employs people in a variety of jobs ranging from customer service to engineering. With so much going on, and a programme of rapid expansion, there is a need for a high-performing team.

People Director Debbie Hartson had a very clear view when she started  of what was required back in 2017. With a tight timescale, Debbie brought in Gilly Salter and G S Consultancy (GSC) to help the airport prepare for the future.  Since that time GSC’s understanding of the business has grown considerably and has seen them deliver Level 1 and Level 2 Management Development Programmes.  Bristol Airport care that their people get the right development and GSC are now delivering Level 1 to their 6th Cohort group which will take them through to 2020.  Alongside this they have designed and delivered an Equality Diversity and Inclusion programme, which all staff have attended, and GSC are also providing 1:1 Senior Management Coaching. 

Level 1 Modules include:

Leadership & Supervisory

Skills Building Effective Relationships, including delegation & motivation

Conflict Resolution

Team Working

Performance Management

Level 2 Modules include:

Developing Authentic Leadership

Building Effective Relationships and Managing and Conflict & Stress

Leading and Motivating Teams

Managing Performance and Coaching

Time Management, Delegation & Personal/Team Objectives

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